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Asset Watcher™ is a product of 'Cudo Communications' that empower IOT for Industrial which combines device and software solution for your Asset Management.


What is Asset Watcher™ ?

Asset Watcher solution is an Asset Management System (AMS) which specifically built for certain industries following their SOP and Process flow.

This solution is not only software or application but more to comprehensive solution for Corporate and SME companies, which is composed of Mobile app (Android or IOS) and IoT devices that is well designed to provide practical and powerful solutions for asset data collection.
Asset Watcher solution allows a variety of complex activities ranging from data collection, recording, find location, calculating age of assets, stolen assets notification, GR process notification and also integration to ERP system (SAP, Oracle or Ms Dynamic).

Cudocomm offers 'PaaS' (Platform as a Service) and 'Perpetual License' business model for our customer, either through Cloud infrastructure and On-Premise infrastructure.

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What Are the Benefits of Asset Tracking?

The hardware needed for an asset monitoring system varies depending on what method you'll use.

If it's GPS tracking, you'll need one GPS hardware unit per tracked asset. If it's RFID tracking, you'll need one RFID tag per tracked asset, and one RFID receiver (also called a reader) per storage location.

If relying on barcodes, you'll need one barcode label per asset (typically bundled with the barcode tracking software), and at least one barcode scanner per asset storage location.

If you're using QR codes, a smartphone or tablet will be able to scan them just as easily as a scanner, which may save costs if your workers already use them.

RFID System

Ideal for continuous asset monitoring Real-time checking.


Ideal for audit stock opname & Asset transfer mechanism.

Alarm Monitoring

Ideal for tracking the stolen equipment and data discrepancy.

GPS Tracking

Ideal for equipment tracking and distribution equipment.

Asset Watcher™ Challenge

Whose equipment is last longer ? and who is the best peformer equipment by comparing vendor's equipment life time based on quality and support service. Do not have exact and precise number of telecommunication asset, data can be used to check missing, stolen or faults units. Over the Asset Management Cycle, company is tend to have problem in Manage, Retire, and Plan asset. Difficulty happens due to variety, quantity and distribution of the asset. failure in managing the asset will create another failure to value the asset and failure to plan for next purchase.

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Our Solution



Mobile Asset Watcher™

We make software / applications for your mobile or desktop where the software that we created can be used as a RFID / QR code / Barcode reader or geo-tagging tool.
From the cloud it will be distributed to users to monitor Assets through the help of Mobile Asset Watcher™

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Fixed Asset Watcher™

With Fixed Asset Watcher™ , it can easily read monitor more than millions of data items, in which reading speed can reach up to 500 tags/second.
Only asset with RFID tag can be read with this Fixed Asset Watcher.
Asset is read and monitored while passing this FAW and can also be mark as "Alert" if the certain assets are moved out from premises

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Tracking Asset Watcher™

We call this the Tracking Asset Watcher. This tool can be used as a "Point Location" where the location and position of your assets are located, simply integrated with the tiny GPS Tracker so you can monitor the position of your assets.
Tracker can use cellular network or satellite communication and then its location is constantly reported to the platform, so you can see whether your asset is moved from its location.

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Extending core

Implementation of Asset Watcher™ in Warehouse

Architecture shown here is the FAW Network Topology at warehouse.

This FAW system is working autonomously and will inform you the status of each item in the warehouse whether is retained intact or moved out. Then alert will be sent to respective person, e.g. Warehouse Manager.

One FAW device can detect any asset within 30 meter coverage. So for large warehouse, you need more FAWs. Coverage calculation is provide by Cudocomm's engineer during dimensioning and prior to installation.

Implementation of Asset Watcher™ in Telecom Site and Oil & Gas field

With RFID tag attached to each asset, Asset Watcher system will check their availability at every time, once certain asset is missing or stolen, it will alert respective PIC about the movement.

RFID tag is cheap and can last long to 10 years, so it is just perfect media to track your asset. With 'Active RFID tag', your asset can be read as far as 60 meters. It is suitable for Antenna inventory in Telecom sector or Drilling pipe availability monitoring in Oil and Gas industry.

The Application


IT &

Asset Watcher is very popular in IT and Telecom industries and have been working more than 20+ project since 2010.

It is used as Asset Inventory, Asset Movement and Asset Tracking.
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broadcasting equipment movement from one Studio to another Studios or between OB Van.

Asset watcher can show them the equipment whereabout, the loaner's name and also the availability of the equipment.
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The drilling pipe, drill bit, drill collar and kelly are often changed and transported between oil wells.
Asset watcher solution with the power of ATEX-explosion proof RFID tags will easily managed those moveable parts and track them in the Oil & Gas Fields.
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Large workshop with many hand tools are hardly to manage, especially when it comes to tool management where usually company has difficulty in maintaining the tools availability and readiness. Asset watcher has modules to help this industry.
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Conventional warehouse management systems could only provide simple storage location functionality. In other hand, Asset Watcher can handle complex logistic or warehouse management with data intensive. It reduces human interaction and saving cost.
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Logistics management is a supply chain management component that is used to meet customer demands through the planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage. Asset watcher can ease the process while maintaining its delivery accuracy.
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Every private company or government organization must have tangible and intangible assets. Every asset owned must be managed effectively and efficiently so that the asset can provide the highest benefits for the company.

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