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Mining Solution of Asset Watcher ™ is a Window-based solution, designed for daily operations of your mining site from anywhere at anytime. Mining Management System includes all functions that you need to operate your mining site. It is an all-inclusive, affordable and user-friendly software solution. Save time and stay organised while improving your productivity as well as increasing operational efficiency of your business with our mining management system. Mining industry is a wide area, so you must manage each fleet, each its condition and do check and re-check fleet and inventory availability and functionality or fleet.

challenges for monitoring assets

Asset Watcher™ Challenges

There are so many peripherals (modules) and hardware in the area, manufacturing, and utilization in each tools. In open case base stations, there is little monitoring or supervision between them, because the location is not in the right place (outdoor) and is too general sometimes. But there are many of the most valuable devices in the site, and that would be potential for peripherals to be stolen or damaged. We have to check them manually in the time span. That is why we use RF ID to track Operator assets in Mining Site, and monitor them remotely using the Asset Watcher software.

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Our Solutions



Mobile Asset Watcher™

We make software / applications for your mobile or desktop where the software that we created can be used as a barcode reader or geo tagging tool. From the cloud it will be distributed to Users to monitor Assets through the help of Mobile Asset Watcher™

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Fixed Asset Watcher™

With Fixed Asset Watcher™ can monitor more than 400 data items connected with the help of a cloud server. Only with RFID can the assets that have been recorded can be monitored, and can also be a marker "Alert" if the assets you own will be moved or disassembled improperly.

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Tracking Asset Watcher™

We call this the Tracking Asset Watcher. This tool can be used as a "Point Location" where the location and position of your assets are located, simply integrated with the GPS Tracker so you can monitor the position of your assets. Data that has been read by the Asset Watcher Reader or GPS Tracker will then be transferred through the Internet network.

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Extending core

Architecture of Asset Watcher™ Oil & Gas

In this case, Asset Watcher provides a breakthrough solution for those of you who have problems in Warehouse data management, with an integrated system from upstream to downstream so that the handling literature is more structured.

With the advancement of information technology, access to available data or information can take place quickly, efficiently and accurately. One of them is in managing company assets an information technology is needed to help the company produce true, accurate, fast and precise value. Integrated asset management of all agencies in the framework of carrying out an orderly administration of management and data collection of goods accelerates the Company's asset data.